Coco Gina

Gyal, Pum Pum Tun Up

one can sit back and water-color to this on a snowy winter sunday

tracklist after the jump

kandodo: dawn harmonix
lukid: snow theme
yo la tengo: i’ll be around
songs of green pheasant: i am daylights
groundislava: jaspers song 1
jamie xx + gil scott heron: my cloud
i break horses: i kill love, baby
porn sword tobacco: eudaimonia
dj shadow: what does your soul look like pt 4
flying lotus: until the quiet comes
jj doom: viberian sun part ii
dean blunt and inga copeland: 8
the caretaker: mental cave without sunshine
aphex twin: goon gumpas
thurston moore: benediction
the chemical brothers: the state we’re in
i love you esme

Tags: prince klassen chill